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The library’s organizational lending program loans small collections of books, both regular and large print, to facilities and organizations serving seniors and residential facilities for people of all ages who do not have access to the library. These books are placed at their sites for the in-house use of their patients or residents. The service provides up to 50 books appropriate for the organization, selected by library staff. The materials are checked out to the organization for eight weeks and are dropped off by Mobile Library staff. At the end of eight weeks, Mobile Library staff will pick up the books and drop off a different collection of books, which will also be checked out to the organization for eight weeks.

Interested institutions must complete an application form, which will include the name of an administrator who will be responsible for the borrowed material and its return in good condition. In the application, the institution describes their clients and the types of books needed, list any restrictions and specify regular or large print. At this time, we only lend books, not other materials. When the online application is completed, please email it to the Mobile Library Services project manager, who will contact you.