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Ready to explore titles that deliver stories and romance you can sink your teeth into while filling your head with visions of pastelitos, spanakopita, lemon verbena tembleque and more? You can even bring the vision of tembleque to reality if you follow this recipe.

Our books do more than just give you cravings - they give you characters to love! Emoni of With the Fire on High is a determined, creative 17-year-old student pursuing her passion of being a chef while balancing her senior year and raising a toddler. And Bloom's Ari is frustratingly relatable as he struggles to figure out his future and take the next step with his band rather than continue with the family bakery. While you follow Ari and Hector as they bond over bread making, try baking some yourself!

If you're looking for a buffet of characters, definitely check out the short story anthology Hungry Hearts. All the stories take place in the same world, but you will be able to sample a variety of authors and how their characters find love, family, culture and home in food.

To meet these characters and more, check out our full list of recommended titles below.