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History of the publication:

From 1766 to 1867, Batsto village thrived in the heart of the South Jersey pinelands as an industrial center, first for bog iron production and later for glassmaking. Batsto Village, in the heart of Washington Township, Burlington County, New Jersey, is an open-air museum in the Wharton State Forest and is on the New Jersey State and National Historic Registers. The museum consists of 33 historic buildings, including the Batsto Mansion, general store, and the restored Batsto Post Office - one of the four oldest working rural Post Offices in the United States.

Published between 1966 and 1997 by the non-profit Batsto Citizens Committee, Inc., the Batsto Citizens Gazette was the official news source for Batsto Village and the committee. The quarterly periodical published a broad variety of items during its 30 years of publication, including:

  • News of the Batsto Village and Batsto Post Office historic building restoration projects;
  • Original articles on the history of the village, its surrounding communities, and the industries that supported them - bog iron and glassmaking;
  • Articles on the history and genealogy of members of local families, including the Richards, Wharton, Scull, and Read families;
  • Stories on events occurring at the Village (i.e., Bicentennial, craft fairs, family reunions);
  • Reports on legislation, environment, natural, and wildlife and editorials;
  • Photos and transcriptions of unique manuscripts and records from the archives of the Wharton/Batsto research library, including Kate Aylesford;
  • Interviews with local residents and news of the "Friends of Batsto" and "Batsto Citizen Committee" members (including obituaries);

Content and scope of index:

The Batsto Citizens Gazette is available in hardcopy from March 1966 to Summer 1997 (vol. 1 no. 1 - vol. 31 no. 2). The Gazette is owned by the following libraries: Burlington County Library in Westampton and the Pinelands Library in Medford. Research and photocopies will be done upon request for a fee. Please contact BCLS Reference staff for more information. The Pinelands Branch Library staff and volunteers indexed the newspaper and 1,941 citations are in the index.