A pair of yellow balloons with smiley faces sit against a wall.

World Kindness Day

| Burlington County Library

In today’s divisive world filled with news of violence, hate, injustice, disease, disaster and death, World Kindness Day is a reminder to cultivate acts of kindness. When we all come together on a day of kindness, it becomes an act of global unity. It’s a reminder to practice peace and bring balance to heart and mind. Kindness is our natural state of being, and it’s a link that holds us together, transcending all differences and allowing us to see the world through a compassionate and softer lens.

World Kindness Day was created on Nov. 13, 1998 through a coalition of nations. It’s now observed in many countries around the world, and many organizations support it through education and training, including the Charter for Compassion, Inspire Kindness, and Kindness.org.

Did you know a smile is the universal gift of kindness? It’s free and helps connect people. It’s also uplifting and boosts the immune system. Want to start practicing kindness today? Here are a few suggestions:

  • Write and send a positive note to someone.
  • Call a relative or friend you haven’t spoken to in a while.
  • Hold the door for someone.
  • Practice self-compassion and/or start a gratitude diary.
  • Tell a family member or friend you love them, then give them a hug.
  • Compliment someone.
  • Offer help to someone you know needs it.
  • Plant a tree – engage with nature from your heart.
  • Volunteer.
  • Listen mindfully, with compassion and patience.
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