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What to Read After Stranger Things

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Have you just finished season four of Stranger Things? Bummed there’s no set release date for season five? Need a read-alike to get you through your slump? Don’t worry, we've got you covered!

Small Towns, Big Thrills

These books have that small-town setting, which is a great juxtaposition against the enormous thrills that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Paper Girls is comfortingly familiar to Stranger Things because of its use of 80s nostalgia, walkie talkies and science fiction-fueled thrills. Where it differs is its female-powered cast and how its science fiction shenanigans are based in time travel and alien invasions. Make sure to read this graphic novel series before checking out its TV adaptation!

If you’re more into the supernatural forces than the science fiction ones, the fast-paced and creepy Small Town Monsters should be next on your list. Also, it features a dynamic duo instead of a squad of friends standing up together.

Clown in a Cornfield has a contemporary setting and is reminiscent of 80s slasher horror films, but fans of Stranger Things will find familiarity in the fast-paced, action-packed and creepy storyline.

Multi-Genre Storytelling

Sometimes a show or book doesn’t fit neatly into just one genre. And in the case of Stranger Things and the books listed below, this mish-mash of genres has fantastic results!

Dread Nation manages to combine mystery, historical fiction and zombies all into one book. If you love how strong Eleven is, you will love Jane McKeene. Jane lives in an alternate, post-civil war America where some students choose to study to become Attendants, those who protect against the zombies that are rampant.

If you’d like to see just how exciting a magic-filled western can be, check out The Good Luck GirlsThis novel has been described as a cross between Westworld and The Handmaid’s Tale.

Our last pick may seem the farthest thing from a Stranger Things read-alike, but trust us, it is worth your reading time! My Lady Jane manages to mash together royal historical fiction, fantasy and humor. If your favorite thing about Stranger Things is the way it made you laugh, definitely pick this book up next.

If you need more titles, check out the books below or try Book Match, our personalized service that matches readers with suggested books and authors.

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