Women stand together during the Suffrage movement.

Shining a Light on (Her)story

| Burlington County Library

Kicking off Sept. 13, the Shining a Light on (Her)story program will include nine classes that will touch on a variety of topics, including Native American women whose history has all but been erased, the important role African Americans played, voting rights and more. All classes will be held on Tuesdays from 10 to 11:30 am and participants have the option of attending either in-person at the Burlington County Library, or from the comfort of their homes via Zoom. Attendance at all nine classes is encouraged, but not required.

    Class topics will include:
    • Sept. 13: The women who arrived on this continent during the colonial period
    • Sept. 20: Women pioneers in the early abolitionist movement
    • Sept. 27: The forgotten contribution of Native American women, with special guest speaker Dr. June De Ponte Sernak
    • Oct. 4: Seneca Falls and the Declaration of Sentiments
    • Oct. 11: One Woman, One Vote
    • Oct. 18: The Underground Railroad and Reconstruction
    • Oct. 25: Voting rights: Dr. Alice Paul and Dr. Pauli Murray
    • Nov. 1: The contributions of our own female ancestors
    • Nov. 15: Discussion of last week’s election and what it means for women going forward

    Please note: registration is required for those who wish to attend the classes virtually. Registration is optional for those who plan to attend in-person. If you register, you will receive a Zoom invitation the day of the event. In-person attendees may discard this email.