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| Burlington County Library

Living in the age of technology, we all know computer skills and technology education are a must. Labor and Literacy classes offer training to refresh your skills - or learn new ones. Completing certain lessons will earn you Certificates of Achievement to add to your resume!

There are a lot of areas you may want to explore and ways to learn, including video tutorials you can access and view at your own pace. Review basic skills and explore different types of computer programs, keyboarding tips, operating systems, device settings and much more. In our course on internet basics, see how you can connect to the internet with commonly used browsers, how to recognize safe sites and avoid phishing attempts. Get hands-on experience with Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Google Docs.

The Labor and Literacy Lab also provides guidance for those looking to change careers. If you're searching for a new position, or need help reworking that resume, we can help! We'll highlight the best websites and strategies to use when investigating available job opportunities and requirements. We can also assist with preparing for the GED, with lessons focused on language arts, mathematics, science and social studies.

Skills you need now. Credentials for your future.

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Those looking to get IC3 Certification can take our remote course. Review foundational computer skills, gather suggestions for working in a networked environment and explore popular applications for word processing, spreadsheet creation and building presentations. IC3 certification is recognized worldwide by all businesses.

Audience: Adult Seniors Teens