An adorable black pug is pictured against a red background.

National Dog Day

| Bordentown Library

Whether it’s a huggable husky, a graceful greyhound, or a loveable Labrador, a dog can bring much happiness and fun to your day. And once a year, we have the opportunity to celebrate our furry friends together. National Dog Day is Aug. 26! Founded in 2004 by Pet and Animal Welfare Advocate Coleen Paige, National Dog Day gives people across the country a chance to celebrate our mutual love of dogs and show our appreciation for everything they do!

The American Kennel Club offers an impressive list of facts about dogs! Did you know that the United States has more dogs (more than 75 million) than any other country? Or that, much like our fingerprints, dog’s nose prints are unique? There is so much to learn about dogs and their fun and interesting characteristics, and the Burlington County Library System can help! In fact, we work with dogs all the time! You can visit two of our special helper dogs, Bertha and Petron, at the Burlington County Library, or check out Wagging Tales at the Evesham Library, where you can share a story while building your reading skills!

We also have hundreds of books about dogs. If you’re looking for a fun, action-packed graphic novel, the Dog Man series by Dav Pilkey is perfect for you! Looking for a book full of heartwarming stories? Check out Chicken Soup for Little Souls: A Dog of my Own by Lisa McCourt. If you love dogs but are more of a cat person, try The Dog Who Had Kittens by Polly Robertus! And finally, if you’re looking for something to help learn about different types of dogs, try any of our books by Julie Murray!

Audience: All Ages