A couple laughs while sitting on the beach.

Laugh it Up!

| Pemberton Library

Knock, knock. Who’s there? Nobel. Nobel who? No bell. That’s why I knocked.


Who doesn’t love a good joke that makes you giggle or, if you’re lucky, laugh out loud? Not only is laughter good for the soul, it’s also beneficial to our health. Ever heard the saying “laughter is the best medicine?” What’s more, laughter is contagious! There’s even a special day set aside to encourage people to share their jokes, humorous videos and funny emails. It’s called National Tell a Joke Day and it’s Aug. 16. Now we think that’s something to smile about; what a great day to giggle and laugh it up!

A joke is actually something spoken, written or done with humorous intent. And jokes are believed to have been a part of history since 1900 B.C. One theory is that jokes were created by the Greek hero Palamedes, who outsmarted Odysseus during the Trojan War, although there is little evidence to support the claim. Jokes come in many forms, too. Some like one-liners while others favor knock-knock jokes. And while puns might draw some groans, chances are they’ll bring on a few chuckles as well. Why not try out your favorite jokes on Aug. 16?

How to celebrate National Tell a Joke Day:

  • Every time you meet someone, tell them a joke. (Just make sure the joke is appropriate for the setting.)
  • Pick up a joke book. Learn a few good ones then share them with others.
  • Watch your favorite comedians, either on stage or on TV, and a have a good laugh.

Here’s why you should join the fun:

  • Jokes can lift up your mood and the mood of others.
  • Laughter from telling jokes can help you relax because laughter is a good stress reliever.
  • Being a jokester can make you the life of the party!

Why not share as many jokes as you can with your family and friends on National Tell a Joke Day? After all, if they make you laugh, they’ll probably make others smile and laugh too. Now that sounds like a great day!

Audience: All Ages