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Earth Day

| Burlington County Library

Celebrated each year on April 22, Earth Day shines a spotlight on our environment and what we can do to protect it to safeguard our future and that of future generations. This year’s theme is Invest in Our Planet. What will you do to make a difference? We think one of the easiest ways to help our planet all year long is by recycling! The United States Environmental Protection Agency shows there’s more to recycle than just bottles, cans and paper, too! And, not only does recycling help our planet, it saves money, so don’t forget to Reduce, Reuse, Recycle for a cleaner, greener tomorrow.

Looking for more tips? Did you know Burlington County offers a guide to recycling in Burlington County? You can also access information conveniently with the Recycle Coach app. Get local recycling information and a schedule on your smart phone! By learning more about what can be recycled and how to recycle items such as batteries, electronics, used motor oil and more, it’s easy to make the changes needed to improve the environment.

A BCLS library card also provides free access to Going Green: Your Healthy Planet, a database featuring resources about endangered species, climate change, alternative energies and more. And you can discover even more about the environment at your local library! Learn how making small changes in your daily life can limit your carbon/plastic footprint and take steps to a sustainable future with books found in our catalog. Remember, even the youngest family members can learn about the importance of improving our planet and preserving its resources!

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