A picture of the abandoned Auschwitz conncentration camp.

Child of the Holocaust

| Burlington County Library

Please join us for a special Zoom library event featuring Dr. William Reszelbach, a child of Holocaust survivors who will share his family’s harrowing experiences at the hands of the Nazis. Set for April 12 at 7 pm, the discussion will also focus on Holocaust history.

Dr. Reszelbach is a former school teacher, chiropractor, businessman, certified hypnotherapist and lecturer who has talked about the Holocaust at temples and libraries. While his mother was in hiding in Poland, his father survived four concentration camps, leaving him emotionally damaged for the remainder of his life, according to information on his website. Dr. Reszelbach’s will discuss his parents' will to survive and how these traumatic events affected their new life in the USA.

During his talk, Dr. Reszelbach will also discuss his own life and his perspective on modern-day anti-Semitism. His website reveals that although his parents’ experiences “were tragic and left them emotionally scarred,” they never wanted him to be uneducated about the horrors they endured, and the values they instilled in him allowed him to live a happy and fruitful life.

Audience: Adult Seniors Teens