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Happy New Year! Here at BCLS, we are looking forward to brighter days filled with new beginnings and fresh possibilities. Like you, we are all anxious to move on, and we are pleased to report that we are poised for success. As we kick off 2021, all of our branch locations remain open to the public, our team is eager to assist, and we are continuing to take measured strides in our return to normalcy.

With tumultuous 2020 behind us, we also want to take few moments to reflect on how far we have come in the last 10 months and where we are headed.

  • When concerns about COVID-19 intensified in March, BCLS took steps to support the community by extending due dates and eliminating fines for overdue items.
  • We launched an all-new curbside pickup service in late June to get books and other materials back into the hands of our customers.
  • Soon after, we took another leap forward when we cautiously began reopening our doors to those who wanted to access the public computers and browse the shelves.

This year, as part of our journey back to normal operating procedures, we will reinstate fees for overdue materials. Fines will begin to accrue on Jan. 20. Please be assured that all returned materials will continue to be placed in quarantine for four days before being put back into circulation, but will be backdated to reflect actual return dates.

We’re excited to move toward normalcy and continue to assess the best ways to meet the needs of the community and fulfill our mission of enriching lives. We have come so far during this difficult time, and we are ready to take even bigger steps together in the coming months. Here’s to a better 2021!

Stay safe,

Ranjna Das
Director, Burlington County Library System