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The Burlington County Library System is so lucky to have a team with wide-ranging knowledge and diverse interests. While many customers may know the names and faces of librarians at their local branch, we want to take the time to introduce more of our staff from around the system.

Hello, everyone! My name is Chris Cairoli and I’m a part-time library assistant at the Burlington County Library. I’ve worked in Youth Services for nearly two years. If you’ve visited the library recently, you may have spotted me at the YS reference desk, or assisting with some of our terrific programs for kids and teens like the Young Masters Art Program held once a month.

Before working at the library, I went to school to become an art teacher and I taught for about three years in different jobs. Ultimately, I decided to take a little break from teaching and that’s when I found the library position. Now that “break” has become indefinite!

My favorite part about being a library assistant is developing fun and interesting programs for teens, especially craft activities, including those that involve perler beads! We have a great time in the Teen Anime Club and we get messy in my Young Masters Art Program. The YS team is always fun and inspiring!

When I’m not working at BCLS, I like to play video games and Dungeons & Dragons (D&D). I’m also busy pursuing my Master of Information degree from Rutgers University!

Here are a few fun facts about me:

  • I was born in Busan, South Korea. Dae han min guk!
  • My favorite Korean food is Japchae, a glass noodle dish with different vegetables mixed in. Try it!
  • My favorite genre is horror (even though Iscare easily) closely followed by fantasy/sci-fi.
  • I love anime. My all-time favorite is Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood.
  • I play in two long-running D&D campaigns – Barbarian and Gunslinger classes! Exhilarating! I own way too many dice.
  • My undergraduate degree is in visual arts, so I like to incorporate all kinds of art into my programs.
  • I like K-Pop, especially boy bands BLOCK B and SHINee.
  • I have really bad luck. (Once, playing D&D, I rolled two critical fails at once – on two 20-sided dice!)
  • I really like superheroes; Captain America is my favorite Marvel hero. As for the DC Universe, The Flash is pretty rad.
  • I love Disney movies. Beauty and the Beast, Tangled and Mulan are my top picks.
  • When I’m relaxing, I like to work on my cross-stitch projects. My current one will end up being 4-feet long!