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The Burlington County Library System is so lucky to have a team with wide-ranging knowledge and diverse interests. While many customers may know the names and faces of librarians at their local branch, we want to take the time to introduce more of our staff from around the system.

Hello! I’m Adam Crockett and I’m a librarian at the Pinelands Library. I’ve been with BCLS for 16 years, initially working as a library assistant at the Burlington County Library and moved to Pinelands in 2007. I’ve been a librarian since 2010. I oversee adult programs, participate in community outreach and order periodicals (magazines and newspapers) for the entire library system. I also help with daily operations when our branch manager is out. I’m always happy to help wherever needed, including at the circulation desk.

My favorite part about working at the library is helping people find what they need. Every now and then, someone might only have a few snippets of information about a particular book or movie they want. That makes it challenging, but I enjoy putting my research skills and knowledge of pop culture to the test. The best part is seeing the huge smiles after I hunt down the right items. Another one of my favorite parts is helping people apply for jobs – especially when they end up getting hired.

Here are some fun facts about me:

  • My childhood dream was to become an astronaut. I changed my mind when I realized how much math was involved.
  • I have a massive collection of comic books and comic book figurines.
  • I’ve attended too many comic conventions to count. I’ve gone to least one every year for the past 15 years. Some years, I’ve even gone to two or three!
  • I teamed up with some co-workers to create Fandom Fest to celebrate comics and pop culture with the community. (Mark your calendars for August 4!)
  • The Princess Bride is my favorite movie. “Inconceivable!”
  • I enjoy roleplaying games like Dungeons & Dragons.
  • In the rest of my spare time, I chase my two cats off the counters.

Fantasy and science fiction are my favorite genres. Here are a few favorites:

While you read, you can rock out to these great albums: