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A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, May 4 was deemed May the Force (be with you) or Star Wars day. And so, it would follow that libraries across the country named May Star Wars Month!

Among a slew of Star Wars events planned at our branches, Bordentown Library is excited to host special Star Wars author Jason Fry on May 8! The author has published more than 30 Star Wars books and more than ten Wizard of the Coasts books, which is a series of scenarios for Star Wars role-playing, card and miniatures games. He is also the author of The Jupiter Pirates, a young adult space-fantasy series.

How did Jason Fry become a Star Wars writer, and how did he get to write in connection with LucasFilms Ltd, you may wonder. Well, why not ask him? Join us May 8 when he presents two programs, one for youths, and the other for adults. Entitled The Secrets of Star Wars, the youth program will start at 4 pm, and the adult program, Inside Scoop on Writing Star Wars, will begin at 7 pm. We think the timing couldn’t be better since he has just finished publishing the cornerstone book for the last movie played in cinemas, The Last Jedi. The author will sign books, and many of his books will be on loan from the library at the event!

May you be present at one of the exciting Star Wars programs and, as always, “may the force be with you.”