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A common phrase heard around the world is "it’s important to read to babies," but did you ever wonder why? Studies show that reading regularly to babies builds language skills and can positively impact their future learning. It’s never too early to read to a baby. Babies and the library go perfect together! And we have programs to introduce little ones to the world of books, including baby story times and baby sensory stations.

Babies can recognize and tend to prefer their family’s voices and who better to read to baby at home? We have many different types of materials to choose from: board books, picture books, non-fiction books for poetry, rhymes and songs, as well as kits, which includes a picture book that comes with a CD inside that you can listen to.

Not sure of what kind of books to look for? Babies love large simple illustrations in either bright colors or black and white. Books with fewer pages, short sentences or simple words are great for babies, and reading to them in short intervals works for their shorter attention span. Board books are good to introduce when a baby is able to grasp and hold them up. Another reading activity that is great for babies is just describing the illustrations on the pages without reading the text. Reading skills come with practice, practice, practice - so pick up a book and read to your baby today!

Here are some great book suggestions: