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Since 2010, the Young Chef's Academy has dedicated itself to getting kids involved in cooking by sponsoring Kids Take Over the Kitchen Day on September 13. With locations across the country, the academy provides classes, camps, workshops and more to encourage not only creativity, but also etiquette and safety. BCLS also offers programs that focus on cooking for kids! Kids Can Cook programs are offered at the Evesham and Pinelands libraries, and this month the Pemberton branch is offering a class for making no-bake, back-to-school cookies.

There are several benefits to cooking with your children! Gaining a sense of importance and being able to contribute to the process will boost their self-esteem.  In addition to fine motor skills, there is a lot of sensory involved in cooking, such as sight, smell and taste. And kids will improve their math skills when measuring ingredients! There are several kid-friendly recipes online from resources such as the Food Network, or stop by your local library. Why not check out a cookbook and swap out their toys for aprons?