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If you enjoy yoga and like to laugh, we bet you’ll love Laughter Yoga.

The practice was pioneered in the mid-nineties by Dr. Madan Kataria who, inspired by Norman CousinsAnatomy of an Illness, was investigating the therapeutic effects of humor. He began by accosting strangers in a local Mumbai park with jokes and soon formed a regular Laughter Club that met daily to share funny stories and, you guessed it, laughter. When the group ran out of jokes several weeks later, Dr. Kataria had his breakthrough: both acted laughter and genuine laughter had the same positive effects on the body and, moreover, laughter is contagious causing feigned laughter to turn into the real thing. He quickly developed ways other than humor to stimulate laughter, including role-playing, pantomime and a general feeling of playfulness. Today, Laughter Yoga is a true global phenomenon with thousands of clubs worldwide and the positive physical and psychological effects of laughter are well documented.

Why not experience Laughter Yoga for yourself?
Join certified Laughter Yoga leader Karen Siugzda at the Cinnaminson Library on Tuesday, February 13 at 6pm.

Laughter Yoga is for everyone! You don’t need to have a sense of humor or be flexible and no special poses are required. You can even participate while sitting in a chair. Laughter is combined with Yogic breathing and mindfulness techniques to reduce stress and promote a more vibrant, joyful and healthy lifestyle. Why not give it a try?