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Do you have a Disney-obsessed member of your household? Or are you an educator looking for fun, engaging activities to keep the STEM learning going at home? Then Disney and Khan Academy have developed the perfect program for you! Imagineering in a Box is a new course designed for kids to learn the intricacies of being a Disney Imagineer right at home. Disney’s Imagineers are responsible for the creation, design and construction of Disney theme parks and attractions worldwide.

The free Imagineering course features 32 videos that showcase real Imagineers from around the world sharing their skills and passions. Throughout the curriculum, students will discover how Disney Imagineers bring the immersive experiences at Disney parks to life, from concept to reality. The course covers everything from an overview of engineering software to interactive, hands-on projects that can be done without leaving the house. The program does not list a recommended age, so use your discretion and your children’s or students’ ability level.