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Fandom Fest is a celebration of everything geeky and fun. From comics and videogames to cosplay and manga, we're gathering everything that you're a fan of and cramming it into one day. Don't be surprised if you see some fictional characters walking around the Burlington County Library on August 6, last year we had visits from LEGO people, Robin, a werewolf and many more! This year, you're sure to see some members of the 501st Legion, who will be here to provide cosplay tips, tricks and more.

  1. The 501st was established back in 1997 by Albin Johnson and Tom Crews as a way for Star Wars costume enthusiasts to have a collective identity to operate under.

  2. Storm trooper armor is dry clean only.


  3. The 501st now has over 8,000 active members!


  4. They are also known as Vader’s Fist


  5. Lucasfilm has allowed the name 501st to appear in Star Wars video games, The Clone Wars Series, and two Timothy Zahn’s novels


  6. George Lucas marched with the 501st as the Grand Marshall in 2007


  7. The 501st does a lot of charity work including hospital visits, running toy drives, and raising over $500,000 dollars in the name of charity.


  8. Lastly the 501st is coming to the Burlington County Library for Fandom Fest!