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Once upon a time, fairy tales were shared around a campfire or told to children at bedtime as cautionary tales meant to warn about danger. These oral stories eventually became written tales, handed down generation by generation. 

Full of lush details and sweeping romantic adventures, it’s no wonder we still love to read and watch Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, Rapunzel, The Three Little Pigs, Little Red Riding Hood and more. Talking animals, witches and a sprinkle of magic accompany our heroes on their quests. Fairy tales represent the full range of human desires: generosity and love, kindness and truth, greed and wickedness.

If you commit to memory only one Dewey Decimal number, remember 398.2, where you will find all our fairy tales in the library.

“If you want a good story, let me tell you what to do, look for 398.2. Ogres, princesses, and dragons are all waiting there for you. Look for 398.2.” 

While waiting to browse our favorite library shelves, look below to find a small selection of the titles available as ebooks through our digital collection. For the best reading experience, we recommend downloading the Libby app.

Fairy Tales for Younger Readers

Fairy Tales for Older Readers