Book Festival Author: Keynote Address, Rann Miller

KEYNOTE ADDRESS - Exploring Black Resistance: Stories of Strength, Resilience, and Self-Determination
Location: Auditorium

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This month marks a remembrance and celebration of Juneteenth: the commemoration of the announcing of the Emancipation Proclamation in the state of Texas, announcing that all enslaved African American persons were freed. Join us and author Rann Miller as he explores the history of Black resistance with stories that explore the impetus behind Juneteenth, as well as other events in our country’s history.

Black resistance is the active work to prevent or subvert ongoing oppression of Black people in a systemically racist society governed by the tenets of white supremacy, racial capitalism, and anti-Blackness. Black resistance is a tradition rooted in the intrinsic human right to determine one’s own destiny in the world. Peoples of African descent have engaged in such resistance since the unlawful capture of African people to be enslaved. Examples include individuals like Ona Judge who escaped from George Washington, African peoples who formed their own communities after running away from their captors, and the Africans of Haiti who fought a war against the French to secure their freedom. Black resistance continues today through Black students protesting the banning of Black history books for fighting for Black history to be taught in their school. Whether during enslavement or during the 21st century, Black resistance is a tradition that links the past to the present in hopes for a brighter future. Knowledge of Black resistance is essential to understanding Black people played a role in their own liberation, in addition to properly framing the challenges of our society—historically—so that we can over come them. 

About Rann Miller

Rann Miller is a freelance writer, published author and a former teacher. He has contributed to scholarly journals, text books, and multiple platforms on the topics of race in higher education, urban schools, sports and the African American diaspora, and professional development for educational professionals. In addition to those things, he serves as program director for a local school district, a professional development facilitator and also a public speaker. 


This event is a part of the Burlington County Book Festival, taking place on Saturday, June 3 from 11am – 4pm. Discover new books and authors, purchase book-related merchandise, and participate in activities for all ages!

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Saturday, 6/03/2023
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