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The celebration of Earth Day is turning 50 this year and is going digital on April 22 with activities to explore and digital events happening around the world. There are many ways to celebrate Earth Day while staying home.

Use this time to:

  • work on a backyard garden or start working on a container garden with pots for smaller spaces
  • start composting to use as your own fertilizer by recycling your food scraps and coffee grounds
  • spend time enjoying nature in your own backyard with an outdoor scavenger hunt
  • pick up litter in your town

Access Going Green: Your Healthy Planet, a free library database containing resources concerning endangered species, climate change, alternative energies, and more to educate the community about these issues

Whether you live in an apartment or a house with a giant backyard, you can create a garden to brighten the day and improve your surroundings!

You don't need a green thumb to help take care of the planet. 'Reduce, reuse, recycle' is a familiar motto for Earth Day and is easy to do by reducing the amount of throwaway plastics you use, using reusable bottles for drinking water, and recycling materials. Burlington County offers a guide to recycling in Burlington County for anyone looking for more information or has questions about the program. Get access to recycling information conveniently with the Recycle Coach app. Get local recycling information and a schedule on your smart phone! By learning more about what can be recycled and how to go about recycling items like batteries, electronics, used motor oil, etc., it is easy to make the necessary changes for a better environment. Spending some time outside picking up litter is also a great way to get exercise and involve the whole family while making your neighborhood beautiful.

Find inspiration with our collection of ebooks about gardening and composting. Share how you're celebrating Earth Day with us on social media.

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