An important step in securing grants is identifying partners with goals, passions and a mission that is compatible with those of your organization. Here are some resources to help you research and identify the funders to go on your short list.

Identify Funders / Build Grant Skills and Connections

  • Foundation Directory Online (in-library access only, please ask staff for assistance)

    Cardholders have access to Foundation Directory Online. This comprehensive tool will empower you as you search for grants, assisting with research and helping to pinpoint funding opportunities in your market. Tap into detailed profiles of funders, grants and recipients. Sophisticated mapping and visualization features give you a powerful way to formulate your funding strategy. 

Websites of Government Organizations to Assist with Grantseeking, Building Skills and Connections

  • Explore a wealth of information about federal grants. Educate yourself on the basics, determine if you are eligible, then research, find and apply for federal funding.  Includes a database with information on over 1,000 grant program and billions in grant awards.
  • The Grantsmanship Center: The center’s mission is to help private and public nonprofits make better communities… by offering training and publications to help plan solid programs, write logical, compelling grant proposals and create earned income opportunities.
  • Grantspace: This free Foundation Center service offers information, resources, and an interactive community to nonprofits worldwide seeking help securing funding and operating effective organizations.