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Beach reads are often associated with romance and humor, but to me, the best beach reads move at a quick pace and immediately draw you in – and suspenseful stories certainly fit that bill! There’s something fun about being pulled into a twisted, sinister tale while the sun is shining and the waves are crashing.

Don’t forget sunscreen when you pack one of these new releases - we guarantee you’ll get lost in these creepers and you won’t be able to read fast enough to find out “who did it”!

The Girl Who Knew Too Much
Quick, Amanda

Discovering the body of a beautiful actress at the bottom of a pool at an exclusive California hotel, rookie reporter Irene Glasson investigates the victim's secret about an up-and-coming man and becomes drawn to a once-famous master magician whose career was mysteriously cut short.

Also available as an ebook!


Since We Fell
Lehane, Dennis

Rachel is a journalist who, after her online breakdown, becomes a recluse scared to resume her daily life. An old friend wants to help her overcome her fear. They fall in love, marry and appear to have the perfect life, until Rachel ventures out of the house one day and sees something that makes her question everything she knows about her new husband. Once a reporter, always a reporter and Rachel has to get to the bottom of her story.

Also available as an ebook!


Magpie Murders
Horowitz, Anthony

Susan Ryeland is a London book editor who has just received the latest manuscript from one of her most irascible authors, Alan Conway. But the manuscript’s ending appears to be missing and she learns that Conway has committed suicide. As Ryeland learns more about his death, she starts to question whether a murder has occurred and begins to investigate.

Also available as an ebook!


Every Last Lie
Kubica, Mary

A woman who loses her husband in a car crash that her daughter survived unharmed, begins to suspect his death wasn’t an accident.

Also available as an ebook!


You Will Pay
Jackson, Lisa

Investigating remains found at a summer camp where a prank gone wrong led to the disappearances of two teens decades earlier, senior detective Lucas Dalton struggles with his father's ties to the case while meeting with five former counselors, including an erstwhile crush, to piece together what happened.


The Long Drop
Mina, Denise

In 1958, Peter Manuel murdered three members of the Watt family. William Watt, the father, was arrested for the crime, then released. Determined to clear his own name, Watt offered to pay for information. Peter Manuel contacted him, and the two men met in a bar and spent the next twelve hours there. No one knows what happened that night. The novel reimagines the night, attempting to make sense of one of the most intriguing true crime cases in legal history.


The Good Widow 
Fenton, Liz

A teacher learns that her husband died suddenly, not on a business trip to Kansas, but in a car accident with another woman in Hawaii, and teams up with the woman’s heartbroken fiancé to uncover the truth that now binds them.


The Child
Barton, Fiona

As an old house is demolished in London, a workman discovers a tiny skeleton. For journalist Kate Waters, it’s a story that deserves attention. She unearths connections to a decades-old crime, but there is more to the story, and Kate finds herself the keeper of unexpected secrets.


Final Girls
Sager, Riley

Emerging a lone survivor of a serial killer's massacre a decade earlier, a former college student struggles to ignore traumatic memories and move on, until one of a group of other survivors is found dead in a suspicious suicide.


He Said/She Said
Kelly, Erin

Kit and Laura are living off the grid, trying to escape an unstable stalker. Years earlier, Laura witnessed a crime, but the victim’s gratitude takes a twisted turn. As the truth catches up to them, they realize they can no longer keep the past in the past.