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Here at the library, we have lots of resources to help you with your personal and professional goals. A fun trend has been to create something called a “Bucket List.” The point of the list is to capture a record of your “always-wanted-to-do” aspirations.

Think of all the things you want to accomplish in your lifetime. Sitting down to commit these things to paper allows you to keep track of your goals and dreams.

Once you’ve made your list, you’re ready for the fun part! Start making plans and checking off items! Your goals can be as big or small as you want, but it’s nice to have some that are easily attainable so you can get that satisfying feeling of marking an item that’s been completed.

What should you add to your bucket list? Check out the ideas below and find out how we can help you achieve your goals!

Learn a Language

Rosetta Stone is a popular language-learning tool and it’s now free from the library!

You can either use the computer or download the app. Learning a language means being able to communicate with more people around the world (leading to even more exciting discoveries).

Learn about a Country or Culture

Learning a new language often goes hand-in-hand with learning about a country or culture. Whether you read a travelogue, biography, or fiction set in another country, checking out a book is a great way to learn about different places.

Make Travel Plans

Learning a language and researching a culture often leads to travel – a big bucket list category! If you can manage to travel across state lines or internationally, travel guides will help you navigate your way through a new city or country.

Explore Locally

You might not think that bucket list items could be found right in your backyard, but there are tons of local sites to visit! A trip to the beach is always fun (aim to visit a new beach spot, or go to the beach in October!) and here in New Jersey we live within a convenient distance of two major cities with endless opportunities to explore. Maybe you want to check out the bird migration in Cape May or eat at the most popular restaurants in Philadelphia. Go kayaking, camping, or hike in the Pine Barrens or on the Appalachian Trail!

Learn a New Hobby

Here’s another great bucket list category that you can do at home! Maybe you always wanted to take up knitting or golfing. Maybe you want to bake a fancy cake, learn to play guitar, or start a WordPress site.

Our book collection can help – and we’ve got online resources filled with training tutorials too!

The Sky is the Limit

Your bucket list will be as unique as you are! Have fun creating it, adding to it, and checking off items!

And don’t forget, our Beanstack activity track can help you work on your Bucket List this summer!