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Brainfuse is a new educational resource for all ages that is being offered by the New Jersey State Library as part of the CARES Act. With Brainfuse, younger users have live access to tutors for most subjects, such as math, science and history. It also features an online writing lab with live staff to answer those pesky grammar and punctuation questions. There's even a language lab for French and Spanish!

But Brainfuse isn't just for kids; there are tools for adults looking for help with certain major life events. There's GED and college prep help, as well as a testing center with a heavy emphasis on mathematics and advanced math, such as algebra and calculus, as well as English and language arts. A resume lab is also offered for building, tweaking and critiquing your resume, and job resource locators for people transitioning to new careers.

Brainfuse has live staff to answer your Microsoft Office question and some basic resources for brushing up your Word, Excel or PowerPoint skills. And Brainfuse can help prepare you for taking the U.S. Citizenship Test with study guides and practice tests. With so much to explore, we can't wait to hear what's your favorite section of the newest addition to our resources!