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Every year, the publishing world puts out hundreds and hundreds of titles. Trying to pick out one to read can be a little daunting, but fear not! Your friendly library staff members are here to share some of their favorites for 2020.

Even if We Break by Marieke Nijkamp

Abby - Maple Shade Library
One of my favorite YA novels I've read in 2020 was Even If We Break by Marieke Nijkamp. A splintering group of friends go to a cabin up on a mountain for one last D&D-style game, and it all goes so wrong in unexpected ways. The tensions between the different characters (including two trans and two disabled main characters) and the friendships each of them are struggling to rebuild in order to survive the night made this a book I couldn't put down.


Flamer by Mike Curato

Miss Sarah - Maple Shade Library
Flamer is a heartbreaking, heartfelt, and ultimately hopeful graphic novel about Aiden Navarro, a young boy scout who will learn more than just outdoor skills during his last week of Boy Scout camp. Pick this one up if you need a cathartic cry.


Brazen: Rebel Ladies Who Rocked the World by Penelope Bagieu

Miss Lauren - Pinelands Library
I love learning about people throughout history who may have gone unnoticed, or snuck under the radar, but have still made a significant impact. I have heard and read about some of these incredible women, but many I never knew of before reading this. I'm so glad I now know of amazing artists and musicians and other powerful change-making women!


Clown in a Cornfield by Adam Cesare

Miss Kristie - Cinnnaminson Library
Wow. This one delivers exactly what the title promises: clowns, cornfields, and chainsaws. Believe it or not, this one is one heck of a scary ride and still manages to drive home a timely message about modern society. Five machetes up for horror fans.


Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead

Emily - Burlington County Library
Author Richelle Mead is the writer of the Vampire Academy series and the Bloodlines, which is a spinoff of Vampire Academy. The books are mystery action novels that pull you into a majestic universe, where a group of young adults, vampires, and half vampire-half humans discover who they are.


I’ll Be the One by Lyla Lee

Miss Jess - Pemberton Library
A book about K-pop and singing competitions with a sprinkle of romance was the perfect combination for me.  As a Korean-American who grew up listening to K-pop, it was fun to finally have a book that showed representation of my culture and could be used as an introduction to the bop-tastic world that is K-pop!