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Like almost everything these days, the way kids learn looks a lot different now, especially for those learning to read. One thing that hasn't changed, though, is the way our librarians are ready to supplement learning with our favorite Easy Readers. When you're knee deep in memorizing sight words, we're here to help!

The Easy Reader or Beginner Reader collection features short, simple stories that include some pictures and varied font sizes. The books in this collection are published with different reading levels in mind. With so many publishers, the reading levels shown on the covers might be confusing. One way to tell if an Easy Reader is appropriate for a particular reading level: just check the font size. A bigger font and fewer words on a page are generally recommended for kids just starting to read. As their confidence and reading level grows, the collection grows with them. More words, fewer pictures graduate a reader through the levels until they're ready for... Chapter Books!

We're sure you're familiar with the most popular Easy Readers by Dr. Seuss, P.D. Eastman and Herman Parish. Those are still great, but there are more available to accommodate every beginner reader. All you have to do is look.