Mouse Practice - This page is an introduction to three basic skills:
Mouse Pad 1. Pointing - Sliding the mouse on the mouse pad moves the pointer on the screen. Rest your hand on the mouse, move it slowly around the mouse pad, and see what happens to the arrow on the screen.
2. Clicking - Gently pressing & releasing the left mouse button, while keeping your hand on the mouse, is one way to give the computer a command.
3. Scrolling - Scrolling means moving up and down within a web page or other computer window. This is done by using the mouse to move the "elevator" up and down within the scroll bar at the far right of this screen. You can do this in three ways:
  • To move one line at a time, click on the Up Arrow arrow at the top of the scroll bar or the Down Arrow arrow at the bottom.
  • To move one screen at a time, click on the empty space within the scroll bar, above or below the elevator.
  • To move anywhere within the document, point to the elevator itself. Press and hold down the left mouse button. Now you can slide the elevator up or down by sliding the mouse on the mouse pad. Release the button when you are in the desired location.
Now just Click here for more practice