Novelist PlusYou're a genre reader and prefer to read books of a certain type. Or what if you like genre-defying authors like Alexander McCall Smith who writes sets of novels centered around unique characters whose tales are about as unique as the settings and environments they are placed in. Are there more writers who take this challenge and produce similarly engaging works? How do you find more books like...? You set the criteria and our recommendation tool does the rest.

Novelist Plus is an online resource available to our members that provides a way to discover great new authors based on authors you have enjoyed in the past. Whether the core of the works is fiction or nonfiction, Novelist Plus is like a recommendation engine that helps you match everything from genres, subjects, settings to tone and writing style. If you are looking for a similar feature for kids and teen authors, use Novelist K-8.
Log on now with your library card and look for the "Author Read alikes" featured on their homepage. Or search for an author you enjoy and look for the area featuring Read-alikes on each author page.