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Next time you open a business profile in ReferenceUSA, look to see what job postings are connected with that organization.  ReferenceUSA links company info. to job openings from, the world’s busiest aggregator of job postings. So, in addition to creating & downloading custom lists of prospects, vendors, competitors -- and potential employers --  see current openings and click to connect to to apply.  Watch Reference USA’s quick introduction to this new feature.

You can type in a specific company name to get information on that company, including job listings.   Or, create a custom search  to find businesses in a certain industry, geographical area, business size, Fortune 1000 company, etc.

Prepare for a meeting at the target company using the ReferenceUSA company profile, which supplies details to help the you evaluate the company, such as  company description, executive names, financials, recent news, corporate family tree, and more.