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On a day so focused on food and family, there's often either chaos, or bonding over chaos. Lighten the mood (or commiserate) with these fictional Thanksgiving novels.

(If you need cooking tips first, check out what we have in the catalog.)

The Thanksgiving Visitor
Capote, Truman
F Capote
A twelve-year-old second-grade boy recalls his life and friendship with an elderly cousin in rural Alabama in the 1930s, and the lesson she taught him one Thanksgiving Day about dealing with a bully from school.

Thanksgiving Night
Bausch, Richard
F Bausch
Encumbered with the challenges of his bookstore and his wife's high-school teaching career, Will Butterfield fears he will soon reach the end of his patience with his wildly eccentric mother and aunt, a situation that is both lightened and complicated by new friendships with the local handyman and his own chaotic family.

All or Nothing
Cross, Claire
F Cross
Deciding to pretend to her interfering mother that charming customer Zach is actually her boyfriend, bar waitress Jen invites him to spend Thanksgiving with her family, unaware that the dinner will have unforeseen consequences, and that Zach is hoping to pursue a real relationship with her.

The Ghost at the Table
Berne, Suzanne
F Berne
Thanksgiving at the New England home of the second of three sisters marks a reunion between the three Fiske sisters and their long-estranged father, in a portrait of the unraveling of a family.

Want Not
Miles, Jonathan
F Miles
As the novel opens on Thanksgiving Day, readers are telescoped into the worlds of a freegan couple living off the grid in Manhattan, a once prominent linguist struggling with midlife, and a New Jersey debt-collection magnate with a second chance at getting things right.

Evanovich, Janet
PB Evanovich
When Megan Murphy discovers a rabbit gnawing on the hem of her skirt, she is about to give its careless owner a piece of her mind, but Dr. Patrick Hunter turns out to be too attractive to be mad at.

One Night at the Call Center
Bhagat, Chetan
F Bhagat
On Thanksgiving evening, at a call center in India, a colorful cast of twenty-something characters--lovelorn Sam, pining team member Priyanka, whobhas just dumped him; Vroom, who is out to change the world; and Raidkha, dealing with her husband's affair--struggles its way through scripted calls, until God gets on the phone.



A Catered Thanksgiving
Crawford, Isis
F Crawford
Mystery with Recipes, 7
When the beautiful Thanksgiving turkey they prepared blows up in their client's face, sending Monty Field to the great dining room in the sky, sisters Bernie and Libby Simmons must convince the Field family that they are not responsible and whip up the real killer.

A Fatal Feast
Fletcher, Jessica
F Fletcher
Murder She wrote, 32
Suffering from writer's block with both her novel's deadline and Thanksgiving fast approaching, Jessica Fletcher and her friend, Scotland Yard Inspector George Sutherland, stumble upon the body of a man with a carving knife stuck in his chest.

The Diva Runs out of Thyme
Davis, Krista
PB Davis
Domestic Diva mystery, 1
Determined to take down her childhood rival at the Stupendous Stuffing Shakedown, Sophie Winston instead finds herself accused of murder when her quest for basting the perfect turkey goes horribly wrong, in a mystery complete with tasty recipes and entertaining tips.

Turkey Day Murder: a Lucy Stone Mystery
Meier, Leslie
F Meier
Lucy Stone Mystery, 7
Amateur sleuth Lucy Stone investigates when Tinker's Cove's annual Thanksgiving festivities are interrupted by the murder of Metinnicut Indian activist Curt Nolan and uncovers a host of suspects while cooking up a holiday dinner for twelve.

Sins out of school: a Dorothy Martin mystery
Dams, Jeanne M.
F Dams
Dorothy Martin mystery, 8
An expatriate American in England, Dorothy Martin finds her plans to celebrate Thanksgiving threatened when she assists at the local school after teacher Amanda Doyle, the prime suspect in the murder of her husband, mysteriously vanishes.