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Fields of Grace : faith, friendship, and the day I nearly lost everything
Luce, Hannah
B Luce
Airplane crash survivor Hannah Luce tells her story. From out of the darkness, she discovered a new kind of faith, one that allowed her to embrace a life of purpose and possibility while honoring the memory of those she loved most.



A Man Called Destruction : the life and music of Alex Chilton, from Box Tops to Big Star to backdoor man
George-Warren, Holly
B Chilton
The first biography of the influential musician and forebear of the indie-rock scene. Following stints leading 60s sensation the Box Tops and pioneering 70s popsters Big Star, Chilton became a dishwasher. Yet he rose again in the 80s as a solo artist, producer, and trendsetter, co-inventing the indie-rock genre. By the 90s, acolytes from R.E.M. to Jeff Buckley embodied Chilton's legacy, ushering him back to the spotlight before his untimely death in 2010.


My Cancer Year : a survivorship memoir
Pesmen, Curtis
B Pesmen
Curtis Pesmen, a veteran health journalist and book author, chronicles his successful fight with advanced colon cancer in a brutally honest and illuminating memoir. Through this moving account--which takes the reader through his initial shock of diagnosis, through treatment, experimental surgery and finally recovery--Pesmen's insights and experiences cast light on how to manage the challenges of cancer people don't like to talk about.


Shake Terribly the Earth : stories from an Appalachian family
Childers, Sarah Beth
B Childers
In a thoughtful, humorous voice born of Appalachian storytelling, Childers brings to life in these essays events that affected the entire region: large families that squeezed into tiny apartments during the Great Depression, a girl who stepped into a rowboat from a second-story window during Huntington's 1937 flood, brothers who were whisked away to World War II and Vietnam, and a young man who returned home from the South Pacific and worked his life away as a railroad engineer.


If Only You People Could Follow Directions : a memoir
Nelson, Jessica Hendry
B Nelson
At its center, the book is the story of three people: Nelson's mother Susan, her brother Eric, and Jessica herself. These three characters are deeply bound to one another, not just by the usual ties of blood and family, but also by a mother's drive to keep her children safe in the midst of chaos. The book begins with Nelson's childhood in the suburbs of Philadelphia and chronicles her father's addiction and death, her brother's battle with drugs and mental illness, her own efforts to find and maintain stability, and her mother's exquisite power, grief, and self-destruction in the face of such a complicated family dynamic.


Black and White : the way I see it
Williams, Richard
B Williams
The father of Venus and Serena Williams had a grand plan for his daughters. The source of his vision, the method behind his execution, and the root of his indomitable spirit he held private. Until now. What he reveals about his success-his story of struggle, determination, hard work, and family-is told in the pages of this memoir.



Clouds of Glory : the life and legend of Robert E. Lee
Korda, Michael
B Lee
A portrait of Lee as a brilliant general, a devoted family man, and principled gentleman who disliked slavery and disagreed with secession, yet who refused command of the Union Army in 1861 because he could not "draw his sword" against his beloved Virginia. Clouds of Glory analyzes Lee's command during the Civil War and explores his responsibility for the fatal stalemate at Antietam, his defeat at Gettysburg, and ultimately, his failed strategy for winning the war.


The Good Spy : the life and death of Robert Ames
Bird, Kai
B Ames
On April 18, 1983, a bomb exploded outside the American Embassy in Beirut, killing 63 people. The attack was a geopolitical turning point. It marked the beginning of Hezbollah as a political force, but even more important, it eliminated America's most influential and effective intelligence officer in the Middle East - CIA operative Robert Ames. What set Ames apart from his peers was his extraordinary ability to form deep, meaningful connections with key Arab intelligence figures.


Unbreak My Heart
Braxton, Toni
B Braxton
The bestselling solo R&B artist finally opens up about her rocky past and her path to redemption. While Toni Braxton may appear to be living a charmed life, hers is in fact a tumultuous story: a tale of personal triumph after a public unraveling.




Under Magnolia: a Southern memoir
Mayes, Frances
B Mayes
The author of three beloved books about her life in Italy, including Under the Tuscan Sun, Frances Mayes revisits the turning points that defined her early years in Fitzgerald, Georgia. With her signature style and grace, Mayes explores the power of landscape, the idea of home, and the lasting force of a chaotic and loving family.