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Our TeenWork Tuesday sessions have been great so far. We’ve been holding debates, learning from one another and working on service projects. While this has been invaluable and unforgettable, we’ve mostly been addressing deeper topics. To counteract the heavy stuff, we’re dedicating our next two sessions to personal growth, mental and physical health.

Our April session will focus on landing a great first job that will allow you to grow professionally and get on track to secure your dream career. We will all discuss our thoughts on “traditional” and “non-traditional” learning and what we think this means today, as opposed to 10 or 20 years ago. Does one path have benefits the other does not?  How much does this differ from person to person?

At our May meeting, just in time for summer, we'll share best practices for unwinding. We’ll explore mental and physical exercises such as yoga and meditation, and we’ll even make our own essential oil lotion bars. Participants will be encouraged to share and demonstrate their personal relaxation techniques.