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Looking to get more involved in your library? In 2018, we’re continuing TeenWork Tuesdays, a monthly program hosted by BCLS Teens that enables participants to discuss topics or work on projects related to community change and social justice issues. All meetings in the new year will focus on issues chosen by teens who have been participating in previous events.

When asked what topics touched on lightly at school they would like to discuss in more depth, TeenWork Tuesday participants brought up bullying and substance use. These issues are, of course, regularly warned against in educational environments, but perhaps for some students there has not been a chance to delve deeper beyond a blanket statement of: “Don’t do it.”

At our January meeting, we will host a roundtable discussion about bullying- what it means to different people, the many forms it can take, and how to handle situations where bullying is clearly present. Many people don’t have experience identifying and pushing back against bullying behavior; it’s often not as simple as stepping in to stop a schoolyard fight.

In March, we will offer a similar-style talk about substance use. This will include defining the phrase, exploring different aspects of legal and illegal substances, and talking about community resources for people who have an issue with abuse.

There will also be an opportunity for teens to give back to those in need; in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, our February meeting will center around putting together care packages for those who have suffered from recent natural disasters throughout the country.

All teens who attend these sessions will be offered community service hours for their time. We look forward to your perspectives and efforts!