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Maple Shade Branch Library hosted its first Teen Mock-a-Movie, a program developed by the newly formed Teen Advisory Council, on May 9th. A group of teens contributed to the M. Night Shyamalan film "The Last Airbender" by mocking the filmmakers for their creative choices in translating the animated Nickelodeon show into a feature-length movie. Differences were discussed and easy stabs at lackluster computer generated effects were taken.  Snacks and soda pop were provided (as advertised) leading to spurts of hyperactivity! The program was deemed a success by all in attendance and celebrations commenced as we ended the night and began to eagerly await our next Mock-a-Movie program on Wednesday, June 20th at 5:30pm. On that night, teens will be encouraged to tear into the 20th Century Fox film version of the Christopher Paolini fantasy novel “Eragon.”

Following our next program, Mock-a-Movie will no longer pick the “Movies to Be Mocked” in advance. Instead, attendees are encouraged to bring a few of their favorite (or least favorite) films with them, or show up early and browse our shelves for their pick as we will vote on the “Movie to Be Mocked” at the start of the program! Teens age 12 and up are all invited to attend!