Using hash-tags in social networks allows for multiple posts to be categorized together into one stream of information. By tagging your posts with #bclsreads, it allows us to see what you're reading this summer and share it with our followers!



This social networking service allows you to post and share information such as photos, videos, links to websites and much more! Posts are limited to 140 characters, so if you're submitting a short Summer Reading review, leave 10 spaces at the end for #bclsreads!



This social networking service allows you to post pictures, videos, links and more while building a connected group of friends and family. Businesses, non-profit organizations, state and county governments are all using Facebook to get connected with their audience. This social network recently incorporated hash-tags and with no limit on the length of your post, you could write a huge review and share it with all of your friends! Just don't forget to tag it with #bclsreads!