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Hey, teens! Summer is almost here and the Teen Services Department at BCLS is ready with info and activities to help enhance all of your free time over the next few months.

First, you should check out your local branch’s programs. Libraries throughout our system offer teen-specific programming, such as DIY workshops, SAT practice tests, open mic nights, and lock-ins. This summer, we will have a special series of events that will enable you to “meet” a popular YA author! If volunteering is your thing, ask your local librarian about what opportunities are available.

If you need more school resources to avoid that summer slide, definitely check out our Online Resources. You’ll find research databases that cover many topics, alongside those offering test prep services and language learning opportunities.

One of the main reasons to use the library is to get books. Do you ever struggle with what to read next? We’re happy to help! Never hesitate to ask your librarian for a recommendation, but in the meantime here are some suggestions:

The Rest of Us Just Live Here
Patrick Ness

Ever wonder what it’s like to be the character who witnesses the epic good versus evil stories instead of starring in them? Let Mikey show you.

Also available as an ebook.


All the Truth That's In Me
Julie Berry

Set in no specific time and place long ago, this mystery about a girl whose voice has been taken from her has drawn in every reader who has been handed it.



Alex, Approximately
Jenn Bennett

New this year, this one’s perfect for those who like their romances swoony and their beach towns quirky!



Marissa Meyer

This heartbreaking novel tells the story a famous fairy-tale villain, and explains why a sweet and kind girl became a queen so terrible and cruel.

Also available as an ebook.


The Young World series
Chris Weitz

Set in a desolate New York City where a virus has wiped out all adults and children, clans of teenagers fight to survive and potentially find a cure before no one is left alive.

Part Two: The New Order      Part Three: The Revival

Don’t forget to join us this summer as we Build a Better World when our Summer Reading program starts on June 19. This year, teens can participate by completing columns on a bingo card, with spaces that include activities and book challenges. You can also join in the fun online with Beanstack, our online reading and activity center. We look forward to seeing you!