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I grew up in Cinnaminson, so I remember back when the children's room was upstairs. One of the coolest things I remember about the library was that there was a collection of toys that could be checked out. I was particularly fond of a small wooden wagon that I checked out over and over. Did you know that libraries still offer unusual items for check out? Many libraries have lending programs for various forms of technology, like ereaders, tablets and cameras, so that patrons have a chance to "test drive" them before purchase. But that's not all! Tool lending libraries are a hot new trend that make it easier for local homeowners to do maintenance and repair. We're not just talking about workshop tools, but kitchen tools as well. If you want to spruce up your home even more, you can  visit an art lending library. If you want to learn an instrument, there's even a musical instrument lending library.  Some libraries are incorporating seed lending, where people borrow seeds to plant and return seeds they've harvested, and they are discovering that this is a wonderful way to build community. Recently, a New York library was in the news for loaning out an American Girl doll.  Libraries are always looking for new ways to engage patrons. What kind of special collections appeal to you?


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