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The summer can feel like a movie overload. It can start to feel as if you're required to see all of the sequels, new releases, animated tales and reboots released week after week. Honestly, there are just too many to keep up with and that's one reason to look back through the catalog of movies available to borrow for free, from the library! Spread throughout our 7 branches, 9 member libraries and the County Library Headquarters in Westampton, we have over 70,000 DVDs available to borrow!

Wait a second... Wasn't this blog post all about simplifying things? We go from "too many movies in the theaters" to "over 70,000!"

Give it a minute, here comes the simplicity.

Movie mash-up posters are a popular thing on the internet. Combining two movies into one poster can produce some humorous results, especially when the two films featured go together like oil and water. While the films may not mesh well, we see it as an easy way to help suggest a wide range of films from our collection!

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