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Have you ever thought about joining a book club, but don’t like being told what to read? Do you hate feeling pressured to finish a book by a deadline and then having to come up with something intelligent to say about it? Silent Book Club could be for you!

Started in San Francisco in 2012 by a harried new mother and two friends, the phenomenon has spread across the country and worldwide with chapters from Sheboygan, Wisconsin to Kuala Lumpur. The premise is simple: Participants bring whatever books they like and read quietly for as long as they wish. Members meet in cafes, libraries, restaurants, and other venues, providing both a relaxed social gathering and a quiet space for undistracted reading in our busy, multi-tasking world.

Cinnaminson Branch Library will be hosting its first Silent Reading Party on Thursday, September 14, 6:30pm at the new PURRsonal Space Cat Lounge, 1005B Market St. in Palmyra. Attendees may bring their own food and drinks or order from Simonetti’s Pizza next door. And the lounge’s house felines will keep you company while you read.