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Yarr! Welcome ye book-lubbers to the Burrrrlington County Library System, one of the finest ships that grace these fair seas! I be Capn' Book!

Did ye know that today be International Talk Like a Pirate Day? There be only two good ways to celebrate such an occasion...saying "Yarr!" and reading books about my fellow swashbucklers!


Here be Capn' Book's favorite pirate-themed treasures.



Worse Things Happen at Sea ! : a tale of pirates, poison, and monsters
Alan Snow

The kooky residents of Ratbridge are clamoring for the miracle medicine Black Jollop, but a shortage calls for action. The Nautical Laundry , the famed rat-pirate vessel, must journey afar to gather the medicine's secret ingredient. But things aren't what they seem...and soon the ship is under attack.



Pirates 'n' Pistols : ten swashbuckling pirates tales
Chris Mould

Come face-to-face with some of the most villainous and scurrilous rogues ever to sail the seven seas in these stories about pirates from all around the world.


Pirateria : the wonderful plunderful pirate emporium
Calef Brown

Are you a Privateer? A Mutineer? Or a happy-go-lucky Buccaneer? Do you need top quality pirate gear? Well never fear, Pirateria is here! Welcome to Pirateria, the most glorious pirate emporium on the seven seas! When pirates need superior wares for life at sea, they head on down to Pirateria, where they can find treasure chests (the very best), peg legs, planks, eye patches, head rags, vests, pantaloons--and even satchels and pouches for gems and doubloons--all at prices that can't be beat.


Shiver me Timbers : pirate poems & paintings
Douglas Florian

Ahoy mateys--it's time to hoist up the anchors and set sail with a pack of pesky pirates! In this hilarious collection of nineteen poems, readers will meet scoundrels, scalawags, and scurvy dogs (human and canine). They'll partake in battles, treasure hunts, and some pirate-style grub (flounder, anyone?). And all the while, picture book greats Douglas Florian and Robert Neubecker will keep pirate fans laughing from bow to stern with their signature sense of humor.


Half-pint Pete the Pirate
Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen

Half-Pint Pete the Pirate sailed half the seven seas, but with only half of a treasure map, he's never found what he's looking for. Until the day he meets Belle - a pirate with half a map of her own. At first, Pete is eager to steal Belle's share, but half a team isn't enough to find the treasure, and Pete soon realizes that working together is much more fun!



The Pirate Who Said Please
Timothy Knapman

Cut-throat Jim is a young pirate king who learned the hard way the importance of being courteous.


The Pirate Princess
Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen

Tired of the royal life, Princess Bea boards a pirate ship and sets out for adventure on the high seas but soon finds she is not good at swabbing decks, cooking in the galley, or keeping watch from the crow's nest.



Haunted Houseboat
Dave Aikins

The gang from Bikini Bottom spend a dark and stormy night in a house haunted by a wacky pirate's ghost.



Magic Marks the Spot
Caroline Carlson

When Hilary Westfield escapes Miss Pim's finishing school to join a misfit pirate crew, she embarks on an unexpectedly magical swashbuckling, plank-walking, seafaring journey.



No Pirates Allowed! said Library Lou
Rhonda Gowler Greene

Big Pirate Pete's treasure map has led him to Seabreezy Library, where Library Lou must convince him that the true treasure is the books.


Pirates vs. Cowboys
Aaron Reynolds

A scurvy pirate crew, led by Burnt Beard, finds trouble when they try to hide their treasure in Old Cheyenne and have some miscommunication with Black Bob McKraw and his posse.


Pirates, Scoundrels, and Scallywags
Madeline Donaldson

Avast! Are ye' ready to sail the high seas with some of the world's most feared pirates? These accounts will do more than shiver your timbers. Nothing came between these scoundrels of the sea and their loot. They burned boats, lopped off ears, and killed those who dared to challenge them. Come aboard to witness the ruthless methods of history's most petrifying pirates.


The Pirate's Coin : a sixty-eight rooms adventure
Marianne Malone

A magical coin coin leads sixth-graders Ruthie and Jack to 1753 Massachusetts and to Jack's pirate ancestor when they return to the Art Institute of Chicago's miniature Thorne Rooms on a mission to restore an African American family's reputation.


The Mystery of the Pirate Bell
Maya Mackowiak Elson

In the wake of a powerful storm, Cody and the Rescue Bots must survive on a deserted island! Together, they work hard to build shelter, forage for food, and make a fire. Little do they know that they are about to solve a Griffin Rock mystery: When pirates looted the town long ago, what became of the Settlers' Bell?.


Pirate Alley
Stephen Coonts

A luxurious vacation cruise to the exotic locales of the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden turns into a nightmare for passengers and crew when their ship is suddenly attacked and captured by a band of bloodthirsty Somali pirates.



Pirate King : a novel of suspense featuring Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes
Laurie R. King

In England's young silent-film industry, the megalomaniacal Randolph Fflytte is king. Nevertheless, at the request of Scotland Yard, Mary Russell is dispatched to investigate rumors of criminal activities that swirl around Fflytte's popular movie studio. So Russell is traveling undercover to Portugal, along with the film crew that is gearing up to shoot a cinematic extravaganza, Pirate King .



Polly and the Pirates, Vol. 1
Ted Naifeh

Polly is caught between the prim-and-proper boarding school set she's grown-up with and the legendary legacy of the Pirate Queen that she never knew she was a part of! But which is the cruel, cold world and which is the care-free paradise?



Pirates of the Levant
Arturo Pérez-Reverte

Accompanied by his faithful foster son, Íñigo, Captain Alatriste accepts a job as a mercenary aboard a Spanish galleon. The ship sets sail from Naples on a journey that will take them to some of the most remote-and wretched-outposts of the empire: Morocco, Algeria, and finally to Malta for a stunning and bloody battle on the high seas that will challenge even the battle-hardened Alatriste's resolve.



Pirate Latitudes : a novel
Michael Crichton

An irresistible tale of swashbuckling pirates in the New World, a classic story of treasure and betrayal.



One Piece, Vol. 1 : Romance Dawn
Eiichirō Oda

This series features Monkey D. Luffy, whose main ambition is to become a pirate. Eating the Gum-Gum Fruit gives him strange powers but also invokes the fruit's curse: anybody who consumes it can never learn to swim. Nevertheless, Monkey and his crewmate Roronoa Zoro, master of the three-sword fighting style, sail the Seven Seas of swashbuckling adventure in search of the elusive treasure "One Piece."



And of course, I would be struck down by Davey Jones himself if I left the series of films starrin' Capn' Jack off the list!


Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl - 143 min.  Rated PG-13
The roguish yet charming Captain Jack Sparrow's idyllic pirate life capsizes after his nemesis, the wily Captain Barbossa, steals his ship, the Black Pearl, and later attacks the town of Port Royal. Captain Barbossa kidnaps the governor's beautiful daughter, Elizabeth. In a gallant attempt to rescue her and recapture the Black Pearl, Elizabeth's childhood friend Will Turner joins forces with Jack. What Will doesn't know is that a cursed treasure has doomed Barbossa and his crew to live forever as the undead.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Mans Chest - 153 min.  Rated PG-13
Captain Jack owes a blood debt to the legendary Davy Jones, who captains the ghostly Flying Dutchman. Unless Jack can find a way out, he will be cursed to an afterlife of eternal servitude and damnation.

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End - 168 min.  Rated PG-13
After Elizabeth, Will, and Captain Barbossa rescue Captain Jack Sparrow, who is trapped in Davy Jones' Locker, they must face their foes. Lord Cutler Beckett, now has control of Jones' heart and forms a dark alliance with him in order to rule the seas and wipe out the last of the Pirates. Jack, Barbossa, Will, Elizabeth, and crew must call the Pirate Lords from the four corners of the globe, including the infamous Sao Feng, together. The Pirate Lords want to release the goddess Calypso, Davy Jones's damned lover, from the trap they sent her. The Pirate Lords must combine the 9 pieces that bound her by ritual to undo it and release her in hopes that she will help them fight. All pirates will stand together and make their final stand for freedom against Beckett, Jones, Norrington, the Flying Dutchman, and the entire East India Trading Company.

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides - 136 min.  Rated PG-13
A tale of truth, betrayal, youth, demise, and mermaids! When Jack crosses paths with a woman from his past, he's not sure if it's love, or if she's a ruthless con artist using him to find the fabled Fountain of Youth. Forced aboard the ship of the most feared pirate ever, Jack doesn't know who to fear more, Blackbeard or the woman from his past.