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Carol Erickson, who is a meteorologist for CBS Channel 3 and so much more, paid us a visit at the Evesham Library last Sunday!  She was here to talk about a cause very dear to her heart.  She is so passionate about educating people about the humane treatment of animals that she wrote a book called, Not a Used Dog, At All.  Her book encourages the adoption of shelter animals.  All profits from her book are donated to local animal rescue and shelter groups.

In addition to meeting a local celebrity, we were so excited to welcome three local organizations:  Burlington County Animal Shelter, Voorhees Animal Orphanage, and Animal Welfare Association.  These organizations are dedicated to providing shelter, food, and medical care to animals in need.  And they need a lot of help!  Donations of money, food, treats, towels, & bleach are always in need.  Most of all, these adorable pets need a home.  So spread the word and help in any way that you can!  Who can resist these adorable faces?

One more thing ... shop locally at Pride Paws for items to donate!  This wonderful store is located on Main Street in Medford Village. 

A special thank you to the Friends of the Evesham Library for hosting this program.  Thank you, Barbara!


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