Tiffany Baker
This is the first book by this author that I have read. It takes place in the mid 1990’s in the small town of Titan Falls, NH. The town’s main employer is the McAllister Paper Mill. And the paper mill is not doing well at all and has had to lay off many of it’s workers which has sure caused financial and "social" problems in the town. At the beginning of the book, a terrible accident takes place on an icy road and a young girl is killed and the bus driver is seriously injured. Later the rescuers find an old, shabby pickup truck up the road, crashed into a tree. Somehow, it is assumed the pickup truck had caused the bus accident and this mistaken assumption causes all kinds of trouble in the small town. The wife of the owner of the mill, June McAllister, finds something out…..a secret ab<a href="">Cheapest fifa coins</a> <a href="">Fifa xbox Coins</a> <a href="">Fifa xbox 360 Coins</a>ut the accident that she and her husband, Cal, becomes desperate to hide…….then the real story of the book begins. June and Cal McAllister trying to prevent the secret from getting out and Zeke, Mercy and Hannah Snow, a tiny family struggling just to hang on, begin to get intertwined with the McAllister's trying to hide the secret. A great story that I couldn’t put down! 5 PLUS stars.
Nickname or Alias: 
NJ via California

Target Audience: 

  • Adults

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