Nevada Bar
Excellent book…..riveting and I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough. Five people and a service dog head out to camp by a river in Minnesota. Anna Pigeon who is with them, is a Park Ranger back in Colorado. All the people she is with are her friends and a unique group of friends they are. Heath is a paraplegic confined to a wheel chair. The service dog, Wily is hers. Leah is a mechanical engineer who specializes in designing camping gear to be used by the physically disabled. And each have their daughter with them. Elizabeth 17, Heath’s daughter and Leah’s daughter, Katie, 14. This is a “shakedown cruise” for Heath to use new camping equipment Leah has recently updated. After getting unpacked and set up, Anna decides to take one of the canoes out on the river for a solitary time. While she is gone, 4 men go into the camp and take the 4 women hostage…..they are a violent group of guys and they make that very apparent immediately. The 4 women keep their quiet about having another person in the camp. Thankfully, Anna hears loud angry words shouted before she gets back to the camp and realizes something is wrong. She parks her canoe and sneaks up on the camp and sees what is happening. After that, you cannot turn the pages fast enough. It is the story of the 4 men trying to get the 4 women, one in a wheelchair, through the woods to an air strip 6 1/2 miles away to wait for an airplane to come get them. Anna follows them and the story really gets exciting.
Nickname or Alias: 
NJ via California

Target Audience: 

  • Adults

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