Peggy Blair
This book is the first in a series about Inspector Ricardo Ramirez a Police Detective in Havana, Cuba. A little boy is found floating in the ocean by a sea wall in downtown Havana. After an autopsy, it is discovered that he was raped before dying! On him is a passport and police badge of Canadian Mike Ellis. Mike confesses he saw the boy when he and his wife were out walking.....Mike gave him some money. Then Mike and his wife had a terrible argument and she told him she was going to leave him...leave the marriage, and fly home immediately to Ottawa, Canada. The next day, the little boy's body is found and Mike is "picked up" as a suspect. The book just evolves from this......Detective Ramirez trying to tie up the case, a Canadian lawyer sent to Havana to help Mike. I couldn't put the book down and I can hardly wait to get ahold of the next in the series. The author is seemingly Canadian (the author notes does not make that clear), but since the author notes mentioned she has actually been to Havana, she probably is. American's are still not allowed to go to Cuba at this time. It is a really good book and I gave it 5 starts.Hey! you are awesome! The most awesome article i have read till the date! thanks for this dear! :) <a href="">mother's day 2015</a> - <a href="">fathers day</a>
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NJ via California

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