Daisy Goodwin
If you like Downton Abbey, you should like this book. Believe it or not, it is the story of a young, American woman (VERY wealthy woman) who is taken to Europe by her social climbing Mother who plans to snag a titled husband for her daughter. AND, guess what? This young woman's name is Cora! Yup, just like Cora Crawley from Downton Abbey. And, there is a crabby, ole Dowager Duchess (the Duke's mother) too....but unlike the Dowager Duchess in Downton Abbey, this Dowager Duchess is really MEAN! Even though Cora's money will save the Maltravers family property, including the very old, but very run down home, the Dowager Duchess cannot seem to stand her son, the 9th Duke of Wareham, marrying Cora. Beware of what you wish might get it. Cora really does fall in love with the Duke and doesn't marry him for his title, but she finds out being an American, marrying a British Duke can cause problems for her. As mentioned, the Dowager Ducherss (a Double Duchess) treats her badly, the servants at Wareham obey the DD and not the current Duchess Cora, and Nick, her Duke husband does not support his wife against his Mother. But, he doesn't like his Mother he just turns his back on the problems the DD is causing his wife Cora. And he seems to spend a lot of time away from his Dukedom. This is a good story.....will Cora gather her strength to take control as the Duchess in charge at Wareham? Will Cora find out why her husband is rather moody and is gone a lot? What about his old "friend" Lady (can't remember her name)? Was there anything between them? And, if there was, is it still going on? It's a good story....I gave it 3 stars. Maybe 3 1/2 stars...
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NJ via California

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  • Adults

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