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ReferenceUSA, the most heavily-used business research application offered by your library, provides in-depth information on businesses and households.  Use it to create prospecting lists, generate sales leads and connections, identify customers, locate decision makers and more.

Small business owners and entrepreneurs can conduct powerful market research.  Select a location and do a radius search to look up the number of similar businesses in the area.  Check the strength of the competition with years in business and credit rating, as well as search for businesses to buy or connect with fellow business owners.

Job seekers can locate and research companies, allowing them to prepare for interviews or gain some insight on the companies they would be interested in working for.  ReferenceUSA offers details on 14 million U.S. businesses including 200,000 human resource contact names, business descriptions, company size and website links to job postings.

Weekly webinars are scheduled from January to March 2013 focused on key topics such as:

* Search Essentials: The Basics of ReferenceUSA. Register here.

* Start, Manage, Grow! Your Business using ReferenceUSA.  Register here.

* Uncovering the Hidden Job Market: Career Search Strategies using ReferenceUSA. Register here.




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