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If you start with this book about the Borgia family, chances are you'll want to watch the TV series and do some factual research, too. If they were alive today, they definitely would've had their own reality TV show.

Quick background summary: The Borgias were a notorious family from Renaissance Italy, originally from Spain. The family is suspected of numerous crimes, especially after Rodrigo Borgia supposedly bribed his way to papacy. To say there was a lot of family drama is an understatement!


Blood and Beauty : the Borgias
Dunant, Sarah
New F Dunant
[also available in audiobook format]
Inspired by the lives of siblings Lucretia and Cesare, who were Rodrigo's children.






The Borgias TV series
DVD 791.45 Bor
The TV show just completed it's final season, but we've got seasons 1 and 2 available for borrowing.






The Borgias : the hidden history
Meyer, G. J.
New 945.06 Mey
After you read the book and watch the series, you will be wondering about what really happened. Check this book out for some answers. Don't worry, there is still plenty of drama.